Use the 11 Forgotten Laws to Improve Your Life

Mr. Bob Proctor, of The Secret fame has returned with what some call his “crowning achievement” – The 11 Forgotten Laws. In their research since the Secret came on the screen, Bob and his co-author Mary Morrissey, have concluded the universe is orderly and runs according to 12 Universal Laws. These laws include the Law of Attraction, subject of The Secret movie, and 11 other laws which have been largely ignored or forgotten.

Since the advent of The Secret, readers have fallen into two camps – a smaller highly satisfied group that claims outstanding success from using the Law of Attraction and a larger less satisfied group who criticize the Law of Attraction as not working consistently or at all for them.

Proctor has addressed these concerns in his 11 Forgotten Laws. Proctor indicates that The Secret was incomplete in that it revealed only the Law of Attraction. In his new work, Proctor reveals that there are 11 other laws which inter-relate with the Law of Attraction in the functioning of an orderly universe.


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