New Publishing Label Fierce Ink Press Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Award-Winning First Novel

by FierceInkPress on July 30, 2012

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Fierce Ink Press Co-op Ltd is excited to announce the upcoming release of its first full-length novel, The Night Has Teeth, by debut author Kat Kruger. Winner of the 34th Atlantic Writing Competition, The Night Has Teeth is an action-packed urban fantasy set in Paris. Seventeen-year-old Connor Lewis finds himself in the middle of a werewolf war, where he himself is set to play a major role. It is the first book in The Magdeburg Trilogy.

“I loved Connor’s voice from the first word,” says Colleen McKie, publishing executive with Fierce Ink Press. “And Kruger’s take on werewolves, where they come from and how they evolve, took my breath away, it was so cool and unique. And the male protagonist, along with the plot will appeal to both male and female readers.”

As part of its innovative approach to publishing, Fierce Ink Press will be mounting an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds for a print run of the limited edition hardcovers of The Night Has Teeth.

Fierce Ink Press publishing executive Kimberly Walsh explains that since the co-op aims to offer a middle ground between traditional and self-publishing models, crowdfunding presents an opportunity to take the best from both models. “Crowdfunding campaigns are increasingly popular among self-published authors in order to not just raise capital for a print run, but to raise awareness and offer readers interesting opportunities to support the author through advanced sales and collectibles.”

Fierce Ink Press is also pleased to partner with some local businesses to create unique items that are part of their crowdfunding campaign, including Stay Golden Apparel, RAWR Creatures, and Sweet & Sour Gargoyles.

The Night Has Teeth will be published on September 23.

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