New East Coast Publishing Label Offers Authors a Middle Ground Between Traditional and Self-Publishing Models

by FierceInkPress on June 8, 2012

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Fierce Ink Press is pleased to announce a new publishing label that will produce books for the young adult market by Atlantic Canadian authors in all genres. Part author collective and part co-operative, the label departs from the traditional and other models currently available in the market.

Founders Kimberly Walsh (formerly a producer at CBC Books and Canada Reads) and Colleen McKie (better known as YA book blogger Lavender Lines) are collaborating on this innovative business venture.

“Our initial conversations centred around streamlining processes in order to better compensate authors who, at the end of the day, are the primary content producers,” says Walsh. “It’s simply not possible in the current model due to operating costs and overhead. We have the luxury of starting from scratch.”

“Because we’re set up as a co-op the authors aren’t our clients, they’re our business partners,” adds McKie. “We work with them to not only produce the best in young adult fiction, but to also make sure that the publishing experience is the best that it can be for them.”

Recently many authors have turned to self-publishing as an alternative to the traditional experience but that comes with challenges not all are equipped to manage. Fierce Ink Press will take on a unique role and project manage each title by outsourcing editors, proofreaders and cover designers in consultation with their authors. Some roles, such as marketing, will continue to take place in-house depending on the scope of the project.

“This is an idea that was borne out of BookCamp Halifax a couple of years ago,” Walsh says. “It just took a while to incubate and for the environment to change enough to accept this kind of venture.”

Unlike other co-operative models where author and publisher split the costs, Fierce Ink Press will bear the full cost of production with the caveat that partial initial earnings go toward repayment. The publishing label will also embrace the emerging trend of author collectives where self-published writers come together under a “seal of approval” to promote each other’s works. Additionally, authors will also see higher royalty earnings as a result of the new model.

“This isn’t a case of writer friends coming together to push their collective wares, if you will,” notes Walsh. “Just like a traditional publisher, we have a process for acquisitions and our submission guidelines are listed online.”

Walsh and McKie are no strangers to the industry. Walsh is also the founder of long-lived All Rights Reserved Literary Magazine based out of Halifax. For many years the magazine helped launch the careers of local talents such as Anna Quon (Migration Songs) and Michael Murphy whose debut novel, A Description of the Blazing World, was recently nominated for the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award. Additionally, McKie has garnered a reputation as a trusted voice with both readers and authors as book blogger Lavender Lines.

Fierce Ink Press will launch its first publications in September 2012, including a novel and a creative non-fiction imprint of short stories.

“While there are some amazingly wicked Atlantic Canadian publishing houses, not many of them publish young adult novels,” explains McKie. “And when they do, they tend to be heavily themed and set in the region. We wanted to give Atlantic Canadian young adult authors an alternative to trying to get on with one of the big six or self-publishing.”

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Fierce Ink Press Co-op Ltd. is dedicated to producing high quality books of fiction and short non-fiction pieces by Atlantic Canadian authors who write for young adults.

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Hannah June 11, 2012 at 3:51 pm

So excited to be working with on this amazing and awesome adventure! :)


FierceInkPress June 11, 2012 at 9:03 pm

Thanks so much, Hannah. We’re honored to have won and to have such a fantastic amount of support so early on. ~Kimberly


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