Fierce Ink Press is pleased to announce that they’ve obtained the rights for Natalie Corbett Sampson’s next novel, Aptitude. This new work, which will be published on September 22, 2015, tells the story of a young teacher named Hessa and her struggle to choose between two young men–the one that society chose for her, and the one she’s fallen in love with. Set in a dystopian world where everyone has a role they must fulfill, and no one is given a choice, Aptitude begins with Hessa in custody for the murder of the man she loves most.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Fierce Ink Press again,” says Corbett Sampson. “This novel is one of my favourite stories and I can’t wait to see it published. I’ve been nurturing it a long time to get it ready for readers and I’m excited to see who will sign up for Team Aubin and who will join Team Toan.”

Fierce Ink Press published Corbett Sampson’s teen adoption novel Game Plan in 2013.

Aptitude reflects an evolving style in Natalie’s work,” says Sarah Sawler, marketing and communications executive at Fierce Ink Press. “We’re pleased to be publishing her first fantasy novel. Hessa is a fascinating character, and teen and adult readers will love digging through the court records and letters scattered throughout the narrative.”

About the Author

Natalie Corbett Sampson lives in Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia with her husband, four school-aged Munsters and a menagerie of pets. Her day job is a speech language pathologist where she loves helping children improve their ability to communicate with the world around them. When she’s not working, writing or sitting in a hockey rink Natalie loves reading, photography and drawing. You can learn more about Natalie and follow her publishing journey on her blog.

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About Fierce Ink Press

Fierce Ink Press Co-op Ltd. is a publishing label dedicated to producing high quality books of fiction and short non-fiction pieces by Canadian authors who write for young adults.


The Night Has Teeth by Kat KrugerA couple of weeks ago, popular writing community platform Wattpad announced the winners of the 2014 Wattys, a people’s choice award for digital books and stories. Categories include “The Best of Beginners’ Luck”,”The Best of the Talk of the Town”, and “The Best of HQ Love”–an award for the books that were most read at Wattpad headquarters. And (drumroll please), Kat Kruger’s The Night Has Teeth (which currently has 1.7 million reads on Wattpad) was chosen for the HQ Love category!

To say thank you, Kat will be posting two additional chapters of her second book, The Night Has Claws on Wattpad, one this Friday and one next. You can check it out here.

Congratulations, Kat!





Ever wonder about Brian Dawes, constable at Scotland Yard and Portia’s case-cracking companion? Well, Portia Adams fans, it’s time to have some fun, courtesy of Portia’s creator, Angela Misri. Check out the video, and when you’re done, head on over to our Storenvy store to preorder the book AND grab some cool swag.

7 Things to Know About Constable Brian Dawes


When we put together the preorder campaign for Angela Misri’s upcoming novel, Thrice Burned, we connected with a bunch of different local businesses, from tea breweries to t-shirt designers. But BAD MOUTH SOAP, with their colourfully-named products, was at the top of our wish list. Lucky for us, it worked out, because we wound up with these:


Gorgeous, aren’t they? And they smell nice too–imagine a cinnamon heart with a touch of smoke.

Since we thought you might be curious about how they came to be, we decided to do a Q&A with Sarah Armstrong, the slightly-mad genius behind BAD MOUTH SOAP.


How long have you been making soap?

I’ve been making soap for over 10 years. I learned on my own, bought a few books, read a little online and just went for it. I started the “old-fashioned” way where I didn’t have a stick blender or an emulsifier and had to hand stir with a wooden spoon for up to 8 hours. So you can see why I stopped. But just a little over a year ago, I picked it back up again.

I learned a lot doing it all on my own. What ingredients were in the product, why they are present, what they can do to your skin, etc. I wanted to be able to control what I was using, and able to explain to others why handmade soaps are more superior to store bought soaps.

What inspired you to start BAD MOUTH SOAP?

If you were to get to know me, you would say I swear way too often. It’s something that I’m working on.  Being from the South Shore is my excuse so the name BAD MOUTH SOAP was an easy name to come up with.

I take it one day at a time. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. I have zero business background. I have these moments like “What am I doing? Will anyone really care about another soap company? Do I want to have to go to markets and sell soap from now on? How am I going to afford this? Do I have the space, or even the time?”

For about a month, I went to a market on Sundays only until thankfully, I was quickly noticed by a bunch of local retailers that loved my ideas and wanted my soaps in their shop! Word spread about BAD MOUTH SOAP, and all of a sudden, I’m busier than ever and ask myself “How the heck did I get here?”

The names and ideas for my soaps started with my Piper Chapman soap. It was Christmas time, and my top scent combination is orange & clove and the soap was Orange and Black. But then I got to thinking; there are hundreds of soaps called Orange & Clove and I need to make mine stand out. I happened to be watching Orange is the New Black at the time and the name came naturally. From there I realized inspiration is everywhere and in everything – you just need to put a special twist on it.

What’s your favourite product? Why?
It’s hard to have one but the one I’ve used most is Old Dirty Bastard.  I love the smell, and the Dead Sea mud in the soap really does wonders for my skin.  It leaves it feeling soft and smooth, not tacky at all and the scent is very mild!  But the top seller is the East Coast Hangover.  I love incorporating local ingredients in my soaps. So this one is Boxing Rock beer and JustUs! coffee with bacon, maple and chocolate scents and is huge with Maritimers.

I’m sensitive to strong and artificial scents so I make sure all my soaps contain a light scent from either essential oils or phthalate free fragrance oils.

I know you do some community work. Can you tell us about that?
I try to help out as much as I can to whomever asks. For example, BCANS asked if I would make soap for them, so I only asked for the cost to make the soap and donated 150 bars.

For Movember I had a gentlemen ask for donations for his awareness group and gladly handed over a half a dozens soaps to auction off.

For the Halifax Jazz Festival – JazzEast Rising Association, I donated 10 bars of soap for a silent auction.

I donated bags filled with soap, lip balm and scrubs to Margaret’s House held right after Christmas.

I’ve been asked to consult with other local soap companies such as All-ways-Us. They have an amazing story and I really think people should get to know them. They are a lovely group and I enjoyed spending my time with them.

Also, I play and coach Badminton as much as I can. I love local helping local, I love hearing success stories from around here–we live in a small city and we should all stick together and help out when we can.

Tell us a bit about the process you used to create Thrice Burned Soap.

The process for the Thrice Burned soap came from early discussion with Sarah. She explained what the novel was about & what the cover looked like. From there, the idea came naturally to me. I knew that the colour scheme should match the book’s cover, I knew the scent couldn’t just be the smell of burnt anything, it had to be pleasant, yet not overpowering. I knew cinnamon, smoke and maple would compliment one another. For the labeling, I like to keep everything nice and neat and most importantly cohesive because less means more.

Into it? Get in on level two of our Thrice Burned preorder campaign.


ThriceBurned_FINALcorrectedNow that we’ve announced the preorder campaign and showed you the amazing cover for Thrice Burned– the next book in Angela Misri’s popular Portia Adams Adventures series–you’re probably dying to know what’s next for our favourite sleuth. Well you’re in luck–author Angela Misri’s going to give you the scoop.

Thrice Burned is available to preorder now.

All About Thrice Burned



Cover Reveal and Pre-order for Thrice Burned by Angela Misri

January 20, 2015

Portia Adams fans, your wait is almost over. On March 24, 2015 (that’s right, just 63 more sleeps), you’ll be waking up to a world that’s just a little better than it was the day before. Because really, how can more Portia Adams not be a good thing? Starting today, you can preorder Thrice Burned. Not only […]

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Best-Selling YA Author Alice Kuipers Shares Her Triumph Over Panic Attacks in Her Teen Years

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At eighteen, award-winning young adult author Alice Kuipers suffered from a debilitating panic disorder. The attacks would come on quickly and stop just as suddenly, leaving her with a pounding heart, an empty stomach and an overwhelming sense of dread. By the time Kuipers leaves her London home to backpack around the world, her  panic […]

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A Little Holiday Fun

December 19, 2014

Before we close down for the holidays and head off in search of eggnog and mistletoe, we wanted to announce a little holiday surprise–just to say thanks to all of the people who have supported us this year. Soooooo… We’re giving away a copy of (drumroll, please) one of the Quill and Quire’s best books of […]

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Wrapping up: A Fierce Year in Review

December 17, 2014

Well, 2014 has been a pretty legendary year here at Fierce Ink Press. We kicked it off with a Fierce Short by Canadian playwright Nils Ling (I Think We’ve All Learned Something Here), and an amazing Fierce Shorts author event at Mount Saint University — and we haven’t looked back. So much has happened since then. […]

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The Big Deal: Jewel of the Thames by Angela Misri

December 15, 2014

Miss the sale on Natalie Corbett Sampson’s Game Plan last week? If so, fear not–we’ve got another Big Deal happening on December 15th and 16th. This time, we’re selling Angela Misri’s wildly popular Jewel of the Thames for just $4.99 on Kobo and iTunes. In related news: Angela Misri just updated her blog with a handy dandy teacher’s […]

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