ThriceBurned_FINALcorrectedNow that we’ve announced the preorder campaign and showed you the amazing cover for Thrice Burned– the next book in Angela Misri’s popular Portia Adams Adventures series–you’re probably dying to know what’s next for our favourite sleuth. Well you’re in luck–author Angela Misri’s going to give you the scoop.

Thrice Burned is available to preorder now.

All About Thrice Burned



Portia Adams fans, your wait is almost over. On March 24, 2015 (that’s right, just 63 more sleeps), you’ll be waking up to a world that’s just a little better than it was the day before. Because really, how can more Portia Adams not be a good thing?

Starting today, you can preorder Thrice Burned. Not only will you be among the first to read Angela Misri’s latest, you’ll also have the chance to grab some really cool swag.

Here’s the breakdown of our pre-order packages, available starting today until March 24:

Pre-order packages

Mystery Mail: Thrice Burned ebook with a postcard signed by Angela Misri

Crime Scene: Thrice Burned paperback with Crime Scene soap

Warm-up: Thrice Burned e-book with Portia Adams mug and Thrice Burned tea

Hot Stuff: Thrice Burned paperback with Portia Adams mug and Thrice Burned tea

Stop, Drop, and Roll: e-book and T-shirt

Too Hot to Handle: paperback and T-shirt

Swing on over to our Storenvy store and choose your fan gear while you can!

Cover Reveal

That’s right, folks. March 24th is the Canadian book birthday of Portia Adams’ next adventure: Thrice Burned by Angela Misri. And today, just because we love you, we’re revealing the gorgeous cover, illustrated by the utterly amazing Emma Dolan.


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At eighteen, award-winning young adult author Alice Kuipers suffered from a debilitating panic disorder. The attacks would come on quickly and stop just as suddenly, leaving her with a pounding heart, an empty stomach and an overwhelming sense of dread.

By the time Kuipers leaves her London home to backpack around the world, her  panic attacks are occurring frequently, and they chase her as she travels through San Francisco, New Zealand and Bangkok. Kuipers tries to escape them, but no matter how many times she climbs mountains, kisses boys, or jumps from planes, the panic attacks keep pace — until she discovers that language has the power to set her free.

“When Fierce Ink Press asked me to submit a personal essay for their terrific selection of essays, I was unsure,” says Kuipers. “I never write about myself if I can help it. I love to write fiction. I love to make stuff up. But then I realized I did have a story I wanted to share. I wrote my story to explore it, but also to let it go. I wish when I had started to have panic attacks there had been something like this for me to read. It wouldn’t have made the journey less long, but it might have made it easier to bear.”

Ten Minutes is the powerful, beautiful story of a young woman’s journey towards self-awareness and wellness.

Twenty percent of proceeds will go to EGADZ Youth Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kuipers’ charity of choice.



What is it about?

Learning to manage a panic disorder during a time of exploration.

 Who will read it?

Anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed by life.

 When is it releasing?

January 13, 2015

Available now from Storenvy, iTunes , Kobo and Kindle.

About the Author:

Best-selling, award-winning author Alice Kuipers moved to Saskatoon from the UK in 2003. Her first novel, Life on the Refrigerator Door, was published in 28 countries. She has published three further award-winning YA novels internationally, most recently, The Death of Us. Her first picture book Violet and Victor Write The Best Ever Bookworm Book was selected as an Amazon best pick for December.

Find her here: or on Twitter, or Goodreads.


Before we close down for the holidays and head off in search of eggnog and mistletoe, we wanted to announce a little holiday surprise–just to say thanks to all of the people who have supported us this year. Soooooo…

We’re giving away a copy of (drumroll, please) one of the Quill and Quire’s best books of 2014… Becoming Fierce: Teen Stories IRL. Just enter here. Contest ends January 2nd at 12:00am Newfoundland time.

Oh but wait… there’s more!

For the last couple of weeks, Kat Kruger’s been posting chapters of The Night Has Claws, the second book in the Magdeburg Trilogy on Wattpad. The third chapter goes up today. It’s the last one she’ll be posting so if you want to find out what happens next, you’ll have to pick it up.

What? There’s still more?

Oh yes, Fierce friends. There’s still more. On Monday and Tuesday of next week (December 22 and 23), Alisha Sevigny’s Kissing Frogs will be on sale on Kobo and iTunes. Plus, she’s touring northern BC over the next few days–if you’re in the area, you should check out an event.

Happy holidays! (Now where’s that eggnog…?)





Well, 2014 has been a pretty legendary year here at Fierce Ink Press. We kicked it off with a Fierce Short by Canadian playwright Nils Ling (I Think We’ve All Learned Something Here), and an amazing Fierce Shorts author event at Mount Saint University — and we haven’t looked back.

So much has happened since then. We’ve added three new books by Canadian authors to the Young Adult landscape, including the first book in Angela Misri’s wildly popular Portia Adams series, Jewel of the Thames; the final book in Kat Kruger’s Magdeburg Trilogy, The Night is Found; and Kissing Frogs, the still-brand-new debut by Alisha Sevigny. We also published Becoming Fierce, a brave collection of creative non-fiction short stories by a whole bunch of talented Canadian authors. And we added to our Fierce Shorts roster, releasing shorts by authors Lee D. Thompson, Joel Kelly, Katie Ingram, Sarah Sawler, Trevor Adams, and Andy Flanagan.

Over the course of the year, we’ve been thrilled by the amount of support we’ve received from the Canadian book industry. In addition to some blush-inducing nods by authors like Tim Wynne-Jones (when he regaled Jewel of the Thames with “Classy and clever. Portia Adams is equal parts toughness and charm.”) and Charles de Lint (in this amazing review of Kat Kruger’s Magdeburg Trilogy), we’ve received plenty of glowing reviews from book bloggers and industry magazines alike. To be honest, I think we all did a little happy dance when the Quill and Quire recognized Becoming Fierce as one of 2014 Kidlit Books of the Year.

Finally, we’ve had some pretty exciting changes over the last month or so. One of our founders, Colleen McKie, decided to move on to pursue new endeavours, but the change allowed us to expand our team by adding our new editorial director, Allister Thompson, and marketing & communications executive Sarah Sawler. The new additions bring a highly experienced editorial professional in-house and a communications expert who can focus 100% on promoting our authors and brand. They  also allow founder Kimberly Walsh to shift into a more focused role as print and EPUB specialist.

All in all, it’s been a pretty great year. To the authors, freelancers, book bloggers, and magazine contributors we’ve worked with this year — thank you all for your support through this period of growth. We can’t wait to find out what 2015 has in store!

~Kimberly, Allister and Sarah


The Big Deal: Jewel of the Thames by Angela Misri

December 15, 2014

Miss the sale on Natalie Corbett Sampson’s Game Plan last week? If so, fear not–we’ve got another Big Deal happening on December 15th and 16th. This time, we’re selling Angela Misri’s wildly popular Jewel of the Thames for just $4.99 on Kobo and iTunes. In related news: Angela Misri just updated her blog with a handy dandy teacher’s […]

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The Big Deal: Game Plan by Natalie Corbett Sampson

December 8, 2014

What’s The Big Deal? We’re so glad you asked. For the next three weeks, we’ll be amping up the holiday spirit here at Fierce Ink Press by offering sale prices on at least one title per week. Check back every Monday until Christmas to find out what’s on offer. Big Deal #1 On December 8th and […]

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It’s Cyber Monday at Fierce Ink Press

December 1, 2014

Surprise update: If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your Fierce Shorts for $1.99 on Kobo yet, you’re in luck. Not only do you have until the end of the day (December 5th) to grab any of them for the sale price, we’re also extended the Kobo sale on our two most recent Fierce […]

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New Brunswick Writer Talks about Growing Up Dyslexic in How I “Laerned” to Read

November 25, 2014

Short story writer Andy Flanagan wasn’t always good with words. Growing up, he could barely read, and he compensated by memorizing words and reciting assignments that were in his head, not on paper. Andy failed several grades in junior high and began seriously contemplating leaving school to go to war in Vietnam, before his school […]

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Fierce Ink Press Announces New Executives Amid Departure of Co-Founder

November 20, 2014

Fierce Ink Press Co-Op Ltd. will expand operations by adding two new partners: Allister Thompson, editorial director, and Sarah Sawler, marketing & communications executive. “It’s an exciting time at Fierce Ink Press and I’m ecstatic about adding such talent to the team,” says co-founder Kimberly Walsh, who will contribute her skills to the new role […]

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